My name is Disco and I am a green-naped lorikeet.
I am also more commonly referred to as "rainbow lorikeet".

I was born in Singapore on October 11th, 2004.
I had my DNA tested in June 2006 and I am a confirmed boy.

My scientific name is trichoglossus haematodus haematodus.
I am originally from Indonesia. My siblings live in lowlands but are also found up to 800m (2600 ft), in a wide variety of habitats including settlements to forest, coconut plantations, savanna, and mangrove, from the Molluccas East to the West Papuan Islands and New Guinea to around 141E. They eat mainly nectar and pollen but also fruit such as figs, citrus, papaya and mangos opened by fruit bats, as well as moth pupae and insects.



I live in a nice large cage of 80x60x90 cm (30x24x36 inches). The bottom-half of it has 3 sides surrounded by transparent Plexiglas in order to contain my watery poop squirts. The newspapers at the bottom and surrounding the cage are changed once to twice a day. My cage is thoroughly cleaned every weekend with apple vinegar, soap and hot water.

I have a lot of toys that are changed every week: chains, bells, balls, ropes, sisal toys. I love everything that makes noise, and I am obsessed with empty Kleenex boxes inside which I hide and play for hours before chewing and destroying them. I also enjoy plastic bags and bottle caps, and I like preening hair, beards and eyebrows.

I eat a liquid home-made nectar mix made of:
- fruits: apple, pear, papaya, guava, banana, mango, dragon fruit, kiwi, melon, honeydew, berries
- vegetables: corn, broccoli, French beans, cucumber, radish, turnip, lotus root, cooked pumpkin and sweet potato
- low-fat cereals with vitamins and minerals (Nestlé's Nestum)
- wild honey and organic manuka honey
- fruit sugar (fructose produced from fruit juices)
- fresh fruits and vegetables juice


I enjoy treats such as fruit yogurt, honey, cut fruits, and bits of whole-meal bread that I mix with water before chewing on them.

I am a good speaker and my vocabulary includes the following: Hello! - Up! - Okay?! - Oh yeah - You're OK? - It's OK! - It's OK lah! - What's wrong? - What's the matter - What's the matter with you? - What's up - What?! - I love you - Come here - Thank you - This is good - I'll kill you - What's your name? - Disco - Kiss kiss!

I also mumble a lot of human-sounding language that you cannot understand. I whistle, screech, chatter, twitter and I imitate kissing, coughing, sneezing, laughing and water bubbles. I politely say "hello!" when the telephone rings. When I want to go out of my cage, I fluff my feathers and let go a small cute "chirp!".