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  First video: playing with doggy.
  Playing with the laundry clips.
  Devouring my favorite fruit: apple!
  Playing on the chair then attacking the camera!
  Saying hello, mumbling parrot language on top of my cage.
  Playing with the green tea bottle and its cap on the floor.
  Whistling, screeching, screaming and calling "come here!" when I'm left alone in the room.
  Playing with my brand new toy.
  I love preening hair! (NO SOUND)
  I don't want to take a bath! I just love imitating the water sound and mumbling parrot words!
  Watch how crazy I am about plastic bags... I love playing inside and butt-heading them!
  Playing with the clothes hanger.
  Classic play session on my favorite wooden table... I love throwing things on the floor!
  Having a very long parrot conversation inside my cage on a boring afternoon.
  Watch how crazy I am about Kleenex boxes!
  Rubbing myself with Kleenex.
  Play session on the window.
  The lorikeet who wanted to become a cat!